The HeroWear Vision

Working men and women lift every day. They do it in warehouses and on production lines. In offices and combat zones. Every day, they lift the economy worldwide. Whether it’s the day-to-day grind or responding to a crisis, their strength supports us all. And they deserve gear that sustains their strength, for work and for life. That makes their job safer.

At HeroWear, we design exoskeleton technology for these heroes. Because working men and women deserve exosuits that are comfortable, reliable, and effective.

That’s why we pioneer the science of comfort.
That’s why we design for men and women.
That’s why we make workplaces safer.

Because HeroWear has the worker’s back—from our human-centered design to our customer service and support program, HeroCare 360.

Man wearing Apex exosuit while squatting to lift a box.

Our Leadership

Mark Harris

Chief Executive Officer

Mark is the CEO and co-founder of HeroWear. A driven entrepreneur with an innovator’s mindset, Mark leads a team of experienced engineers, ergonomists, and manufacturing experts bound to a single vision: Design Exos For All that improve the health, safety, and productivity of workers worldwide.

Karl Zelik

Chief Scientific Officer

Karl is the CSO and co-founder of HeroWear. An accomplished scientist in the fields of engineering and biomechanics, Karl pioneers research, development, and technology that augments human performance and health.

Matt Yandell

Chief Innovation Officer

Matt is the CINO and co-founder of HeroWear. An engineer and hands-on innovator, Matt is a co-inventor of HeroWear’s core technology, and oversees the development and testing of our product line.

Matt Marino

Director of Ergonomics and Human Performance

Matt is the Director of Ergonomics and Human Performance at HeroWear. A distinguished ergonomics consultant for numerous industries, Matt ensures the voice of our users and workplace safety always stay top of mind.

Make Work Stronger and Safer

See how we can equip your team with the strength they need and the safety they deserve.

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