Thank You

To everyone who nominated a hero and helped celebrate our essential workers

For our heroes.

Back Our Heroes

With a $1,000 Scholarship or Exosuit

Now, More Than Ever

Working men and women have sustained our community during the COVID-19 crisis. Even now, they serve and sacrifice in the warehouse, at the grocery store, in the hospital, and beyond. Wherever these heroes are needed, they have our back. Now, it’s time for us to back them.

HeroWear needs your help to find these heroes and share their stories. And now, we’re happy announce the campaign's extension through July 1, 2020, due to ongoing interest.

Anyone can nominate an essential worker (see form below), but businesses can also join the campaign by sponsoring more heroes. Contact us if you’re interested in rewarding more workers and promoting their stories—especially if they’re ones you know.

Nominate a Hero

Employers, friends, customers!

You’ve seen essential workers in your community and business. Now nominate one hero (or more) by July 1, 2020, to enter them as a candidate for a $1,000 scholarship or Apex exosuit.

In July, HeroWear will name five workers as winners and share their stories. Scholarship recipients may use the $1,000 fund toward ongoing education, for themselves or family members. Funds will be disbursed to a qualified educational institution selected by the winner.

Winners who chose to receive the Apex exosuit will have an opportunity to be personally fitted and instructed by HeroWear experts—becoming one of the first to experience the Exo For All.

Woman nurse wearing masks wearing blue elastic gloves.

Share Stories with #BackOurHeroes

Extraordinary people are bravely working, shipping, scanning, and sacrificing all around us. And these are stories worth hearing. Whether you’re an employer and individual, you can share the stories of the heroes you nominate using #BackOurHeroes on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Woman construction worker wearing hard hat wearing hi-vis holding laptop.

Sponsor More Heroes

Employers see firsthand how many heroes deserve recognition. And by cosponsoring #BackOurHeroes with HeroWear, even more essential workers can be rewarded. Contact us for information on how your business can become a cosponsor and award more deserving workers.

See How We Support Workers

Discover how HeroWear equips teams to sustain strength, improve safety, and maintain comfort.

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