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The Apex reduces the risk of back pain before it starts

The data has spoken: the Apex passive back-assist exosuit helps active workers reduce back strain during exhausting workdays, lowering the risk of musculoskeletal injuries. Born from rigorous science and advanced ergonomics, the Apex has been proven to relieve 75 pounds of back muscle strain with every lift.

The Apex’s award-winning design also has practical wearability in mind – providing much-needed assistance during constant lifting, bending, and reaching without sacrificing comfort or freedom of movement. Those three pillars – assistance, comfort, and freedom of movement – are what makes the Apex a realistic, adoptable wearable technology to address the country’s billion-dollar back pain problem.

Pillars of Effective Exosuits

Composed of lightweight materials, the Apex fits comfortably. Weighing only 3.4 lbs, it’s textile-based, breathable, and gives you an incredible range of motion.
The Apex is built to reduce loading and fatigue of back muscles by reducing strain on the back by over 75 lbs with every lift. It preserves your strength and sustains healthy productivity.
Freedom of Movement
Modular components keep the Apex agile, enabling a wide range of size customization. Easy to take on and off, the Apex’s dual-mode means you can activate the exosuit’s assistance when you need it. And deactivate it when you don’t.

By the Numbers

Back pain costs American businesses $100 billion per year in direct and indirect costs.

Source: Katz, JN. Lumbar disc disorders and low-back pain: socioeconomic factors and consequences, 2006

Americans lose 264,000,000 workdays per year because of back pain.

Source: The Hidden Impact of Musculoskeletal Disorders on Americans, United States Bone and Joint Initiative, 2018

The Apex can take over 75 lbs. of strain off the back on every lift. That adds up.

The lightweight Apex only weighs 3.4 lbs, which is about the same as an empty backpack.

Dive Into the Data of Exo

Man lifting boxes in suit
Reduces Muscle Strain
  • 15-20% During Lifting
  • 20-40% During Bending
  • 30-40% Reduction In Muscle Fatigue

Source: Lamers, Yang & Zelik 2019, Lamers et al. 2020

Man in lab being evaluated in suit
Results from the Lab

In laboratory tests, those using a passive elastic exosuit had to use less of their total maximum muscle power when performing common logistics tasks. This reduces lower back muscle strain.

See Results

Source: Lamers, Yang, and Zelik (2018)

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