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Making Work Stronger and Safer

The HeroWear Apex is a comfortable, reliable fatigue-reducing device that sustains strength and maintains the health of working men and women. Modular, lightweight and comfortable, the Apex weighs just 3.4 lbs. and can reduce over 75 lbs. of strain on the back. All without motors or batteries, and starting at just $1199 USD.

The need for back support is undeniable in warehousing, logistic, industrial and military sectors. Back injuries compromise worker health, wages, and productivity — and they happen to be the most common injuries. Overexertion is the leading cause for work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs) that contribute to claims and escalating medical costs. In fact, according to one study, back pain costs our healthcare system over $100 billion a year for medical care, workers compensation payments, and time lost from work. (Source) Globally, lower back pain is the single leading cause of disability. (Source)

The struggle is unnecessary. The weight is over.

HeroWear can equip your force — men and women, short and tall. Comfortably helping your team increase safety and help mitigate risk of injury due to repetitive forces. And each purchase comes with unmatched service, from fitting to training and beyond. We call it HeroCare 360.

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Man model and woman model wearing grey clothes wearing HeroWear Apex exosuit in standing position.
HeroWear FitKit

Dynamic Fit Kits

The Apex boasts four modular components that ensure a custom, comfortable fit. For warehouse safety officers, that means we can fit any workforce. Comfortably. Men and women. Short and tall. Large and small. And the whole kit comes complete in a strong, easy-to-store case, accompanied with unmatched customer service.

HeroCare 360 for Every Purchase

Each Apex purchase comes with HeroCare, our customer service and support program. The mission is simple: Ensure our exosuits improve the lives of everyday men and women. That starts with assembly and fitting, and continues with training and maintenance. Anything we can do to take the weight off your team.

A Stronger and Safer Workplace

Give your team of working men and women the strength they need and the safety they deserve.

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