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Every Apex purchase comes with HeroCare 360—our customer service and support program that makes adopting the Apex as easy as exohumanly possible. Like the Apex, our team stands ready to offer reliable assistance, whenever you need it. So whether you’re looking for the Apex warranty and user manual, or to watch instructional videos on use and maintenance, this is the place.

HeroCare 360 stands ready to assist you with whatever you need, from assembly and fitting to training and storage. Anything we can do to take the weight off your team.

Still not finding what you’re looking for? Contact the HeroCare 360 team, and assistance will be on the way.

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HeroCare 360

Watch Training Videos

We make learning the Apex as easy as possible with instructional videos. In each video, the HeroWear team provides step-by-step instruction for Apex users on assembly and disassembly, wear, use, cleaning and sanitation, inspection, storage, the fit kit, and—of course—sizing, fitting, and selection. Start watching on YouTube.

Explore the Knowledge Base

You have some very specific questions about the Apex, and we have very specific answers just for you in the HeroCare Knowledge Base. Peruse our FAQs, care and maintenance tips, and all sorts of useful knowledge that makes learning the Apex easier and more effective.

Submit a Support Request

Activate our HeroCare 360 customer support team for help with service, training, orders, and beyond.

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