How the Apex Works

The Apex Exosuit Basics

Put simply, the Apex works like an extra set of back muscles.

Elastic bands stretch from a backpack down to connections on the thighs. These bands stretch as your muscles extend, then recoil as your muscles contract, returning energy and assisting with every lifting motion. It’s not complicated and doesn’t require any motors or batteries. The Apex moves with the user and reduces forces on the spinal muscles and discs each time the wearer bends forward or squats down.

What makes the Apex different.

Assistance. Comfort. Freedom of Movement. All three are needed for a workforce wearable like the Apex back-assist exosuit to be a practical and worthwhile investment in your people. Luckily for working men and women everywhere, the Apex checks all three boxes.

How much would the Apex lower your teams’
risk of injury?

The ExoLiFFT tool is a scientifically validated, interactive calculator built in partnership with Vanderbilt University and Auburn University which helps you determine the impact an exosuit can have on the bodies of your hard-working men and women.

Pillars of Effective Exosuits



Freedom of Movement


A healthy back is invaluable for workers – their livelihood may literally depend on it.

Unfortunately, movements and postures essential to their fast-paced workday can create cumulative damage that increases the risk of a work-related musculoskeletal disorder (WMSD).

The Apex uses lightweight textiles and bands to provide much-needed assistance to workers throughout their shift. This gives them more energy on the job and a better quality of life to enjoy precious moments away from work.

For the first time in a long time, I’m not going to be hurting walking out of this building.

Warehouse Worker, Fortune 500 Retailer

I feel like this is going to save me, because I’ve had nothing but back problems.

Case Picker, Fortune 100 Retailer


Physical assistance is not the only important factor in successfully adopting wearables for your workforce. If workers find it uncomfortable to wear all day, adoption will be an uphill battle. That’s not a problem with the Apex.


Because the Apex doesn’t restrict freedom of movement, it’s practical for many fast-paced environments.

We understand that productivity is the pumping heart of a business. Fortunately, protecting your workers and improving productivity isn’t an either/or situation. You can do both with the Apex.

The Apex’s proprietary on/off switch gives you assistance when you need it, but gets out of your way when you don’t. And the flexible textile-based design moves with a user’s body naturally – giving you the freedom to maneuver through a wide range of tasks.

Dive Into the Data

The Apex Reduces Spinal Compression

Contrary to a common misconception, an exosuit like the Apex actually reduces harmful spinal compression.

Learn How

Real User Data

In laboratory tests, those using a passive elastic exosuit had to use less of their total maximum muscle power when performing common logistics tasks. This reduces lower back muscle strain.

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Feature on Apex trials by SAIF

When you show you care about people, that’s what retains people.

– Warehouse Worker, Fortune 500 Retailer

How Does the Apex Provide a Return on Investment?

  • Reduced risk of back injuries that lead to high medical costs and quality of life impact for the worker
  • Keeps hard-working men and women ready to work
  • Less fatigued workers means better productivity
  • Better chance at retaining workers and reducing turnover

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See What Apex Users Have to Say

The Apex didn’t hinder (my) movements at all. I could still do everything I needed to do. Boxes that I pick up all the time felt lighter and easier to pick up.

– Warehouse Associate

Get the Job Done with the Apex

How Does Implementation Work?

Interested in the next step of evolving your work process with the Apex? Check out how implementation works with the experts from HeroWear in your corner.

How’s Implementation Work?