Putting on the Apex is simple and can take as little as 30 seconds

  1. Start with the Shoulder Straps. Shoulder Straps and Back go on like a backpack.
  2. Be sure the Switch is toggled OFF by pressing the button at the bottom of the Switch before putting on Thigh Sleeves.
  3. Wrap Thigh Sleeves. The label on the inside of the Thigh Sleeve will indicate which thigh it goes on, and the black clip on the back of the Thigh Sleeve should always be at the top of the thigh and centered on the buttock.
  4. Secure Thigh Sleeves by wrapping the inner flap around the front of the thigh, then the flap from the outer part of the thigh attaches over it, with the final flap stretched tight from the inner thigh, and fastened in to place over the front of the thigh.
  5. Connect Bands. If the Back and Thigh Sleeves are already connected with the Bands, the user is ready to use the Apex exosuit; if not, connect the Bands by clipping them.

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