How to take off the Apex Switch and put it back on (including how to reassemble if it falls apart)

It might be necessary to remove the Switch to wash the Shoulder Straps, or to install different size Shoulder Straps in the Apex. Remember to disengage the Apex before attempting to remove the Switch. Engage the switch after removing it from the shoulder strap to lock all of the switch parts in place. Disengage the switch before installing it on the shoulder strap.

To Remove the Switch from the Straps:

  1. Loosen the Switch’s thumbscrew to free the Switch assembly from the left Shoulder Strap.
  2. Gently pull the outer housing of the Bowden cable out of the Switch then slide the Switch off of the Straps.
  3. As soon as the Switch is removed from the Strap, slide the Switch to the ON (engaged) position to keep the Switch components together. IMPORTANT: Be careful to lock the Switch after removal to prevent exposing the sharp end of the Bowden cable. Do not let the Bowden cable whip through the air. 

Attach the Switch to the Straps

To reattach, you basically reverse the process for removal.

  1. First, make sure the switch is in the disengaged position
  2. Then slide the Switch onto the outside portion of the rails of the left Shoulder Strap’s “hot shoe”, but only slide it on about ¼”, or 1 cm. Stop here and thread the cable into the thin slot on the outside of the top portion of the “hot shoe”.
  3. Once the Switch is partially on the rails and the cable is in the slot, slowly push the Switch fully into place making sure the cable slides smoothly into the slot, and that the Switch and the ”hot shoe” are perfectly aligned.
  4. Pull gently out on the cable’s conduit, and plug the conduit into the hole at the top of the Switch.
  5. Install the set screw to lock the Switch into place.

Reassemble the Switch 

If the switch components have come apart, they are easy to put back together. We recommend watching the attached video, as it is easier to see it done than to read it.

  1. Align the thin wire on the Bowden cable in the notch on the underside of the top portion of the switch, taking care that the stopper on the Bowden cable is supported by the notch in the switch. (see image)Switch Assembly
  2. Then slide the upper portion of the switch on to the lower portion.
  3. If you are not immediately attaching the switch to a set of shoulder straps, we recommend moving the switch to the “on” or “engaged” position, as this will prevent the parts from coming disassembled again.

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