Factors for the Lifespan of the Exosuit

The Apex’s lifespan depends on many factors including but not limited to the environments, frequency, duration, nature of work, and intensity of use.

More frequent use and longer durations of use, work in harsher environments, and work with more bending and lifting cycles are expected to result in a shorter lifespan than infrequent, short duration, low intensity work with relatively few bends and lifts.

Given that the Apex is a new product we do not currently have enough data to provide definitive expected component lifespans. For intended uses in warehouses, we expect the Apex to last for years. Landscaping and construction are likely to be rougher on these devices so the lifespan could be reduced even with proper care and storage.

Because the Apex is designed to be modular, if certain components wear out or break down faster than others, they can be replaced at a much lower cost compared to purchasing a new exosuit. We also cover the Apex with a 1-year warranty for all components, assuming there has been no exposure to chemicals or wet conditions that would artificially shorten component lifespan.

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