How to disassemble the Apex for cleaning, fitting adjustments, and maintenance.

On occasion, you may need to completely disassemble the Apex for deep cleaning, maintenance, or to change certain parts. Follow these instructions to do so.

  1. Disconnect the Thigh Sleeves from the Bands.
  2. Disconnect the Bands from the Clutch loop.
  3. Loosen the Switch’s thumbscrew to free the Switch assembly from the left Shoulder Strap. Gently pull the outer housing of the Bowden cable out of the Switch then slide the Switch off of the Straps. As soon as the Switch is removed from the Strap, slide the Switch to the ON (engaged) position to keep the Switch components together. IMPORTANT: Be careful to lock the Switch after removal to prevent exposing the sharp end of the Bowden cable. Do not let the Bowden cable whip through the air.
  4. Pull any coiled webbing free the Webbing Keepers.
  5. Slide the Shoulder Strap webbing out of the Ladder Locks securing it. Repeat for all three Ladder Locks that connect the straps to the back.
  6. Disconnect the two (2) Ladder Locks at the ends of the Shoulder Straps from the 1” webbing from the bottom portion of the Back.
  7. Pull apart the hook and loop fastener connecting the Shoulder Straps and Back. The Shoulder Straps and Back are now separated.
  8. Slide the locked Switch deeply into the inside pocket of the Back and reattach the center Webbing Strap to the Ladder Lock in the center of the Back to prevent the Bowden cable from excess movement during cleaning or maintenance.

See this article for detailed instruction on removing, reattaching, and reassembling the Switch.

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