Suited for Outdoors Environments When Dry

The Apex was designed for work performed by adults in indoor industrial environments  and can be used for work outdoors as long the exosuit stays dry.

The Apex is designed to reduce strain, fatigue, and risk for injury due to bending and lifting work. While the Apex was not designed for landscaping, it has been used for construction and landscaping work outdoors, including shoveling dirt/gravel/mulch, grading, compacting, tree removal, general yardwork, planting, weeding, stacking firewood, and removal of yard debris.

If it must be used in wet conditions, we recommend wearing a rain jacket over the upper body portion of the Apex exosuit to cover the mechanical components on the back and shoulder areas to prevent them from getting wet.

The exosuit will help to support and assist the back and hips with the bending and lifting aspects of many of these activities.

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