The sizing terminology used for our Thigh Sleeves changed in mid-2021.

Chart showing the equivalency of old "S/M" to new "S" and "L/XL" to new "M" thigh sleeves.

Our online sizing calculator and other reference tools now use Small (S), Medium (M), and Large (L) terminology in place of the original S/M and L/XL terminology.

As we transition, some companies may receive a mixture of Thigh Sleeves that use “S/M” and “L/XL” and “S”, “M”, “L” labels on the product. Additionally, companies that have ordered exosuits both before and after this change may have a mixture of Thigh Sleeves with different label terminology in stock or receive a replacement for warranty or spare parts orders with labels that do not match what they already have on hand.

All of these Thigh Sleeves are fully compatible and will be usable for any user who has been sized using a different system.

As an example, users who were sized for “Medium” Thigh Sleeves can use Thigh Sleeves labeled as “L/XL”, and vice versa.

All Thigh Sleeves are fully compatible with all HeroWear Bands.

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