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Working men and women have one message for exoskeleton technology, and they’ve had it for years: Comfort should be standard. Wearable technology should be wearable. The people that wear exosuits have better things to do than hurt.

For HeroWear, comfort is a science. We’ve focused on human factors, like increasing comfort and maximizing ease-of-use. We’ve also put exoskeletons on hundreds of workers — seen their thrill at assistance and listened to their real frustrations. Now we’ve designed an exosuit that finally combines the features they need most with transformative science — all to help sustain their strength. Comfortable. Modular. Built for every body.

The Apex is here — born from rigorous science and ready for all.

  • It’s lightweight, weighing just 3.4 lbs.
  • It’s strong, and can take over 75 lbs. of strain off the back.
  • It’s passive, without motors or batteries.
  • It’s agile, allowing greater variety of motion than any other device.
  • It’s modular, able to adjust to different body types. Including women.
  • It’s affordable, starting at $1199, to be accessible to businesses of all sizes.

The biomechanics and advanced ergonomics of the Apex enable workers to move comfortably — while lifting, getting lunch, walking across the warehouse. Because of its proprietary on/off clutch, it also gets out of your way nearly effortlessly, allowing you freedom to maneuver throughout a wide range of tasks. The Apex is ready for the real workday — backed by science, and built for comfort. And that’s just the beginning.

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Man model wearing Herowear apex exosuit.

Results From The Lab

In laboratory tests, those using a passive elastic exosuit had to use less of their total maximum muscle power when performing common logistics tasks. This reduces lower back muscle strain.

Source: Lamers, Yang, and Zelik (2018)

See the Science Behind the Suit

The Apex’s design is driven by peer-reviewed science that demonstrates the ability of passive elastic components to significantly reduce back-muscle activity and fatigue rates.

The science tells the story. The Apex is the future of workforce wearables: effective, comfortable and accepted.

Man model side profile squatting lifting box wearing HeroWear Apex exosuit.

Assistance to Reduce Back Loading

This study tested eight healthy participants with an exosuit prototype designed to act in parallel with the low back extensor muscles to reduce forces borne by the lumbar musculature. The participants’ muscle activity, body kinematics, and assistive forces were recorded while performing common leaning and lifting tasks. The findings indicated the prototype reduced muscle activity by an average range of 20 to 40 percent. These results have been independently verified by other researchers on the production version of the Apex.

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Effects on Back Muscle Fatigue

By comparing six test participants holding a 16-kg mass while leaning (with and without a passive elastic exosuit), this study quantified the effect on lower back muscle fatigue rate. Five of the six participants showed significant reductions in by an average of 30 percent while receiving assistance from the exosuit, demonstrating the potential for improved endurance for workers who perform similar tasks (e.g., nurses, material handlers, construction workers).

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Worker Perception and Acceptance

A study tested eleven logistic workers with a back-assist exosuit prototype when performing actual work tasks in a distribution center. Data collected from questionnaires was overwhelmingly positive: 100% felt the exosuit could be useful and fit into their daily job without interfering, >90% felt assisted and that the exosuit made lifting easier, and >80% felt it was comfortable and that they were free to move naturally while wearing the exosuit. 

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Characterizing Comfort Limits

Using a robotic actuator, this study applied a series of forces of increasing magnitude to soft sleeves around the thigh and shank, and to a harness on the shoulders. Participants were instructed to press an off switch when they felt uncomfortable with a higher level of force. The results provided key benchmarks for exosuit design, establishing comfort as a crucial, quantifiable criterion for wearable technology.

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Man and woman wearing HeroWear Apex exosuit posing.

Built for Every Body

Working men and women suffer from back pain and fatigue. They deserve a world-class exosuit that sustains their strength, protects their body, and fits comfortably. Because one size does not fit all men or women. Which is why the Apex is the world’s first exosuit designed from the ground up with a specific fit for women. Discover the reasons unisex design doesn’t work for women.

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Close up of textile fabrics on HeroWear Apex exosuit.

Support Your Team

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs) are a problem for workers everywhere — in warehouse, logistic, industrial, and military operations. Overexertion is the number one cause of strains and sprains. All of which come at a cost. The Apex is at the frontier of the effort to reduce fatigue, increase safety, and mitigate risk of injury. And unmatched service from our team come with each purchase.

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