The HeroWear Apex Exosuit

Working men and women worldwide bear the weight of the global economy - literally. We want to ease that burden and sustain their strength for work and for life.
The HeroWear Apex means that their 'weight' is over. The Apex is a back-assist exosuit designed to reduce strain on the back while fitting like a comfortable piece of clothing. It features a patent-pending dual-mode switch turning back assistance on or off with a click of a button. The modular, textile-based design allows workers to customize fit and support. For max comfort. In over 50 possible combinations. Made for anyone in any job. The modularity also allows for specific fits tailored to men and women.

Buy the Apex - Guide Me Through Sizing
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Looking to equip a large team?

Apex Fit Kits

Everything you need to outfit your team.

Our Fit Kit and Super Fit Kit include all of the parts necessary to fit one or multiple members of your team with our Apex Exo Suit. Our fit kits come in worksite ready cases as well.

Parts & Accessories

Extras for your Apex to ensure you're always prepared.

We have parts and accessories available for nearly every facet of our Apex Exo suit. Having extra on hand ensures that you can always be prepared for the job and fit your Apex to a wide range of team member sizes.

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