Suited for All

Exoskeleton Equality Starts Now

Women Lift Every Day

Women make up just over 50 percent of the workforce. Every day they are hauling, lifting, bending, reaching, pushing, and pulling more than their weight around the globe. Any exosuit that intends to fit an entire workforce must fit the female form. Which is exactly what the HeroWear Apex does.

For women, unisex exosuits and exoskeletons often don’t meet their human standard: comfort. To be a true exo for all, an exosuit must be customizable, wearable, and comfortable. The Apex meets those criteria with thoughtful design factoring the key variables necessary for a custom fit. For women and for men.

Working women worldwide are ready for the change. Now, the weight is over.

Progressive Design for Female Workers

It’s a fact that the average female body is extremely different from the average male. The Apex introduces exoskeleton design that was engineered from day one specifically for women, and conforms components to the female frame. These include:

Curvilinear Straps

The curvilinear shape of the Apex’s straps differs for women, who in general have narrower shoulders, a shorter torso, and need a more dynamic curve to allow space for the bust.

Open-Chest Design

Occupational exoskeletons with chest plates and rigid torso structures can compress very sensitive tissues for women. The Apex resolves this with an open-front design.

Greater Q-Angle

On average, women have a greater Q-angle (between the pelvis and thighs) than males. The Apex offers a greater variety of motion than any other exoskeleton device, allowing women to move more naturally.


Ask any woman where she sweats first, or where she sweats the most, and she will often point to her chest. The lightweight, open design of the Apex allows the body to breathe and sweat without discomfort.

Protect Your Team

Equipping your team protects your team. Each purchase comes with support for assembly, fitting, training, cleaning, storage — and beyond.

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