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Welcome to the Exosphere. The arrival of exoskeleton technologies means something dynamic is happening in the workplace. Exosuits, like the Apex, are improving the lives of working men and women. Making them safer. Healthier. Stronger. And it’s happening across multiple industries: from logistics and warehouses to military operations and beyond.

Our team of scientists, engineers, and ergonomics experts know because they push that boundary. Every day. In the Exosphere blog, you can find their leading articles, explore exoskeleton adoption, and discover emerging technology making its way to the market.

In the Exosphere, you can see what’s coming—and why it matters.

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Helping Healthcare Lift with Less Risk

Read Time: 8 minutes

Low back pain shouldn’t be a price healthcare workers pay for taking care of patients. Now there’s an exosuit ready to help reduce that risk. By Matt Marino, HeroWear Director of Ergonomics & Human Factors Compassionate care has an actual weight, and in many cases, it’s the weight of the human body. Healthcare workers regularlyRead More

Answering the Farmer’s Most Common Complaint

Read Time: 6 minutes

Feeding the world puts a huge strain on every farmer’s back. But a new, lightweight exosuit is ready to help take on that burden. By Matt Marino, HeroWear Director of Ergonomics & Human Factors Farmers have a long history with back pain, and the reason is clear: Agricultural work is highly physical in nature. FarmersRead More

Construction’s New Tool to Reduce Risk for Back Injuries

Read Time: 8 minutes

Meet the new exosuit that provides the back support that construction workers need and the versatility they require. Then watch video of it in action. By Matt Marino, HeroWear Director of Ergonomics & Human Factors The amount of time construction workers spend bending and squatting to get their work done is a big reason whyRead More

The Right Fit for Factory Workers

Read Time: 5 minutes

Exoskeletons offer manufacturers a comfortable, reliable, and affordable way to help reduce the risk of back pain for their workers. By Matt Marino, HeroWear Director of Ergonomics & Human Factors Manufacturing is a vital industry that feeds and supplies the world’s needs. These jobs are labor intensive. They’re diverse. And they account for a significantRead More

5 Industries Ready to Reduce Back Pain

Read Time: 6 minutes

The arrival of strong, lightweight exoskeletons has the potential to address back pain for industries worldwide. See which sectors could benefit most. By Matt Marino, HeroWear Director of Ergonomics & Human Factors Back pain is a problem. It hurts workers, impacts business, and costs billions. And if you’re reading this, you probably know that first-hand andRead More

An Exosuit That Moves at the Speed of Logistics

Logistics workers need back support, and now there’s an exoskeleton as agile as their industry. By Matt Marino, HeroWear Director of Ergonomics & Human Factors Once, while visiting a beverage distributor, I saw workers pick and place over 2,500 cases on pallets in an 8-hour shift. Their speed and skills were incredible, but as aRead More

Enter the Exosphere Post

Enter the Exosphere

Read Time: 7 Minutes

Envision a world where people use exosuits and other assistive technology to make their jobs safer and more productive. Where workers can provide for their families and have strength for life at home. Exosphere is ready to share that world, because that vision is now becoming a reality across industries worldwide.

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