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Welcome to the Exosphere. The arrival of exoskeleton technologies means something dynamic is happening in the workplace. Exosuits, like the Apex, are improving the lives of working men and women. Making them safer. Healthier. Stronger. And it’s happening across multiple industries: from logistics and warehouses to military operations and beyond.

Our team of scientists, engineers, and ergonomics experts know because they push that boundary. Every day. In the Exosphere blog, you can find their leading articles, explore exoskeleton adoption, and discover emerging technology making its way to the market.

In the Exosphere, you can see what’s coming—and why it matters.

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Enter the Exosphere Post

Enter the Exosphere

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Envision a world where people use exosuits and other assistive technology to make their jobs safer and more productive. Where workers can provide for their families and have strength for life at home. Exosphere is ready to share that world, because that vision is now becoming a reality across industries worldwide.

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