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Join the movement to end the tyranny of back pain.

A Workforce Wearable Built To Save You From Pain

From all hard-working professions, DIY-ers, and everyone in between: the HeroWear Apex is here to change the way you work and free you from pain in the process.

What makes the Apex so great?

  • Takes 75 lbs of strain off your back with every bend/lift (and weighs less than 4 lbs)
  • First exosuit designed with specific fits for both men and women
  • Custom fit specifically for you
  • On-demand back assistance with on/off switch with no batteries or motors
  • Designed for maximum freedom of movement: Feels like a comfortable piece of clothing

The Apex is built to sustain your strength and improve your health — for work, for life, and for everyone. Backed by science and built for comfort the Apex will help you one lift and bend at a time. To us you all are the heroes and this is what heroes wear.

Feeling Is Believing

A Wearable for The Work You Do

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Just $1199

The Apex exosuit is custom fit for maximum comfort and assistance.

The Custom Apex Experience:

  • Order your Apex.
  • Send us your measurements for a custom fit.
  • Review training material while the suit heads your way.
  • Receive the Apex and have your life changed for the better!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Apex has a modular design with over 50 fit combinations, including fits specifically for women.

After you purchase the Apex, you will be sent instructions for taking 3 simple measurements so we can size the exosuit to your body, giving you maximum assistance while preserving comfort and freedom of movement.

Passive means that there are no motors or batteries. The Apex reduces strain by using the laws of physics (especially leverage) to provide assistance without compromising comfort and range of motion.

The Apex is backed by peer-reviewed science, and developed through rigorous testing both in the lab and in the field. It quantitatively reduces back strain, fatigue, and risk of musculoskeletal injuries from bending and lifting. If you're interested in learning more, you can read all about the science behind the suit.

In short, no. The Apex helps reduce the risk of work-related musculoskeletal disorders by reducing muscle strain, which reduces fatigue.

But you shouldn't lift more than you would without the Apex and you should still take breaks as you normally would.

It’s quite simple, actually. Once you have the suit assembled and adjusted to your fit, you can easily put it on in 30 seconds and take it off in 10 seconds. (Watch a YouTube video here of someone putting the suit on and taking it off)

Human-focused design factors, including high-tech, breathable fabric, and padding and slip-resistant features in the right places to comfortably conform to anybody - short or tall, big or small, man or woman. An exosuit that continually gets in the way isn’t practical for physical work.

Yes! There’s a proprietary on/off clutch that lets you quickly turn assistance on or off at the push of the button – giving you assistance when you need it and getting out of your way when you don’t. The switch can be operated one-handed, with either hand.

Yes! But the good news is that the Apex is very simple to use and can quickly be learned.

To get the most out of the Apex, we recommend you familiarize yourself with our online HeroCare resources, including training videos, our searchable Knowledge Base, and our Quick Start Guide.

In short, no. The Apex uses leverage to do the mechanical work more efficiently. This allows your body to do the same amount of physical work— for instance, to lift a box or lay bricks in your garden—but with lower forces applied to bones, muscles, and joints.

In fact, while some exosuits do shift small amounts of forces onto different parts of the body, the Apex anchors the remaining forces (after the mechanical advantage of the suit reduces the work) on to the upper back and to the thighs - which is where your back muscles normally anchor.

That could be the case if this were a powered exosuit with motors that did all the lifting for you. But the Apex reduces a portion (between 20-40% reduction in muscle force during bending tasks).

For example, let's say you have to lift and move 25-pound boxes. When you wear the Apex, the muscle strain in your back is reduced to be more like if they were 15-pound boxes. That still requires plenty of effort, but even slight reductions in strain make a significant difference in fatigue and injury risk over time.

Also, as any professional athlete or trainer can tell you, muscle atrophy can occur when there is too little or too much muscle activation. That means overexertion can lead to muscle atrophy, too. The purpose of the Apex is to keep you in a healthy “sweet spot” of muscle use.

The best way to explain this is an analogy: Back belts are like a manager watching as you lift something heavy, verbally reminding you to lift with your legs and keep a straight back. Exosuits are like having a buddy who rolls up their sleeves and actually helps you lift the thing so there is less strain on your back.

In short, there is nothing in a back brace that does mechanical work, while our exosuit has strong elastic (rubber) bands that use leverage and gravity to actually do work in parallel with your back muscles and help you lift, bend, and balance.

Although back belts are being bought and sold under the premise that they reduce the risk of back injury, there is insufficient scientific evidence that they actually deliver what is promised. Back belts only provide tactile feedback to remind people to lift with a neutral spine. But we've known for 20+ years that back belts do not actually reduce the strain or fatigue of your back muscles.

And it's that strain that leads to overexertion injuries and back pain. (read up on the science here and here)

In contrast, exosuits have been proven to reduce back muscle strain and fatigue by 15-40%. (Lamers 2018 & Lamers 2020) Exosuits are more like artificial muscles that do a portion of the work so your back muscles can do less. By reducing back strain exosuits actually reduce overexertion injury risks (whereas back belts do not).

The Apex is built using industrial-strength textiles so it can work as hard as you do, while reducing the risk of back injuries that could rack up missed work, high medical bills, and time away from the things you love. The suit was developed in a biomechanics lab, and the industrial design came from a firm that has worked for NASA, Nike, and others - they are specialists in lightweight, heat-reducing, moisture-wicking design. The suit is designed to last for years in even the toughest, full-time use environments while offering you full range of motion and all-day comfort.

Exosuits are “soft-shell” exoskeletons. So all exosuits are exoskeletons, but not all exoskeletons are exosuits.



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Just $1199

  • Order your Apex.
  • Send us your measurements for a custom fit.
  • Review training material while the suit heads your way.
  • Receive the Apex and have your life changed for the better!
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