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Warehouse Worker Kneeling in HeroWear Apex exosuit

The Apex is changing people’s lives.

Back pain is a crisis and our mission is to help you protect your hard-working men and women. The Apex is a back-assist exosuit that comfortably provides much-needed physical assistance while allowing people the freedom of movement to work and move the way they want. That’s what makes the Apex a practical, adoptable solution to address the world’s multi-billion-dollar back pain problem.

For the first time in a long time, I’m not going to be hurting walking out of this building.

– Warehouse Associate at a Fortune 500 Retailer

Apex by the Numbers

When you show you care about people, that’s what retains people. 

– Warehouse Associate at a Fortune 500 Retailer

The Apex can take over 75 lbs. of strain off the back on every lift.

The Apex reduces muscle strain up to 40% during bending and lifting3.

The Apex improves safety by reducing muscle fatigue up to 40%4.

Don’t accept back pain as the cost of doing business.

Warehouse Worker Kneeling in HeroWear Apex exosuit

Back pain costs American businesses $100 billion per year in direct and indirect costs1. If back pain was a corporation, it would be on the Fortune 50 company.

Americans lose 264,000,000 workdays per year because of back pain2. That's the equivalent of every Amazon worker missing an entire year.

Americans spend $100k treating back pain every minute of every day2.

There's no amount of money I'd take to have back pain.

- Maintenance & Repair Associate at a Major Retailer

I feel like this is going to save me, because I’ve had nothing but back problems.

Warehouse Associate

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How much would the Apex lower your teams’ risk of injury?

Use the ExoLiFFT tool to determine the impact an exosuit can have on the bodies of your hard-working men and women. ExoLiFFT is a scientifically-validated tool developed by teams at Vanderbilt University and Auburn University.

Life-Changing For Workers Frequently Performing These Movements