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Our experts on biomechanics, ergonomics, startup businesses, and exosuit deployment share valuable insights in these articles about the problems we’re trying to solve.

2024-06Inside LogisticsThe Exosuit Experiment LogisticsPaul Nicholson
2024-05Supply and Demand Chain ExecutiveThe Impact of Exosuits on Safety LogisticsKarl Zelik
2024-03Health and Safety InternationalExoskeletons: science fiction or a genuine benefit to the workplace SafetyKarl Zelik
2024-03Global Trade magazineEnter the Exosuit: How Exoskeletons Are Providing Clear ROI in Supply Chain Operations BusinessMark Harris
2023-12Industrial Safety and Hygiene NewsKeeping the season merry: Cracking the code to seasonal workforce retention  SafetyJennifer Jones
2022-10Material Handling & LogisticsImprove Company Culture by Protecting Your People with Workforce WearablesLogisticsMark Harris
2022-08Logistics BusinessWorkforce Wearables, Comfort and MobilityLogisticsMatthew Marino
2022-08Industrial Equipment NewsExoskeletons, Wearables Face an Uphill Battle with Comfort and MobilityLogisticsMatthew Marino
2022-07Occupational Health & SafetyFor Workforce Wearables, Comfort and Mobility Must Go Hand In Hand With AssistanceSafetyMatthew Marino
2022-03Food LogisticsWorkforce Wearables Provide Logistics Workers Physical SupportLogisticsMatthew Marino
2022-03Material Handling & LogisticsAs Online Purchases Surge, Logistics Workers Need Physical SupportLogisticsMatthew Marino
2022-03ISE MagazineExoskeletons and ergonomics: Past, present and futureEngineeringMatthew Marino
2022-01Risk & Insurance5 Exoskeleton and Exosuit Highlights From 2021InsuranceMatthew Marino
2022-01Construction Technology / Construction Europe / International ConstructionHeroWear Workforce WearablesConstructionAndy Brown and Matthew Marino
2021-10Food LogisticsWorkforce Wearables Require Comfort and MobilityLogisticsMatthew Marino
2021-10Construction Business OwnerThe Rising Interest of ExosuitsConstructionMatthew Marino
2021-08Construction Digest / ParcelFor Workforce Wearables on Construction Sites, Comfort and Mobility Must Go Hand In Hand With AssistanceConstruction/LogisticsMatthew Marino
2021-08ParcelLogistics Workers + Constant Bending = a Recipe for InjuriesLogisticsMatthew Marino
2021-07Industrial Safety and Hygiene News / Food LogisticsHere’s Why Constant Bending can be Troublesome for Logistics WorkersEnvironmental, Health & Safety/LogisticsMatthew Marino
2021-06Building ExcellenceEight Factors to Consider When Selecting an Exosuit for Your WorkersConstructionMatthew Marino
2021-05ForConstructionProsHeavy Lifting Isn't the Only Reason Behind Construction's Expensive Back Pain ProblemConstructionMatthew Marino
2021-02EHS TodayA Weighty Proposition: Exoskeletons in the WorkplaceEnvironmental, Health & SafetyKarl Zelik and Matthew Marino
2021-02ForConstructionProsExoskeletons Move From Science Fiction to Reality to Aid Worker SafetyConstructionMatthew Marino
2020-11ParcelExosuits Can Help Shipping Logistics Keep Up In the Age of Online ShoppingLogisticsMatthew Marino
2020-10DC VelocityThe Rise of Exoskeletons in LogisticsLogisticsMatthew Marino
2020-04Risk & InsuranceExoskeletons and Workers’ Comp: How the Insurance Industry Can Lead the WayInsuranceMatthew Marino
2020-03Exoskeleton ReportUshering in a New Era of Exoskeletons Designed for WomenTechnologyMatthew Marino
2019-04The Conversation, Huffington Post,,, etc. (picked up >30 media outlets)It’s 2019 – where’s my supersuit?TechnologyKarl Zelik

Articles About HeroWear

We’re honored to have the following outlets share our story and our mission to help prevent chronic back pain.

2024-03Modern Materials Handling HeroWear demonstrates a back-assist exosuit Manufacturing
2024-03Materials Handling 24/7 HeroWear demonstrates a back-assist exosuit Manufacturing
2024-03BNN Breaking Boosting Warehouse Productivity and Health: The Rise of Soft Exosuits in Logistics Business
2024-02Modern Materials Handling International attendees converge at Modex 2024 Manufacturing
2024-02BNN Breaking Redefining Human Strength: The HeroWear Apex 2 Exosuit Business
2024-02Industry Today Exosuit improves worker well being Business
2024-01Industrial Safety & Hygiene News Study reveals exosuits increase productivity, worker well-being Safety
2024-01Carrier News Study: Exosuits Increase Productivity, Reduce Worker Discomfort Logistics
2024-01Noah News Exosuit revolution: Apex 2 boosts productivity and reduces injury in the workplace Business
2023-04Pinnacol Assurance BlogPinnacol introduces exoskeletons to Colorado workersInsurance, Logistics, Construction, Manufacturing
2022-09Yahoo News / Army Times / AeroTech News / Soldier Systems / Task and PurposeThe Army’s new exosuit aims to reduce back injuries among soldiersMilitary
2022-09The Washington PostMove over, Iron Man: The Army has a new suit to solve soldier back painMilitary
2022-08ABC News (WKRN)Vanderbilt and Nashville company develop technology to help 101st soldiers stay injury-freeMilitary
2022-08ForbesSABER Brings Mass Adoption Of Military Exoskeletons One Step Closer To RealityMilitary
2022-08ABC News Affiliates / WJHL (CBS) / Williamson AMSen. Blackburn visits Vanderbilt for introduction of military exoskeleton braceMilitary
2022-04Chain (Page 38)AMRs Adress the Challenges in Today's warehouseLogistics
2021-11Humotech / Exoskeleton ReportNot Safe for Work: Reducing Pain and Injury With ExoskeletonsTechnology
2021-11Nashville PostLifting weight: New technology from Vanderbilt professor helps shipping and logistics workersBusiness
2021-10SAIFLearning Launch: How exosuits can help reduce back strains and sprainsInsurance
2021-10International Manufacturing Technology ShowThe Exoskeletons Are Coming: Part IITechnology
2021-09WorldHealth.netWearable Exosuit for Decreased Physical Fatigue and PainHealth
2021-08Nashville Business Journal40 Under 40: Karl ZelikBusiness
2021-08Robotics Business ReviewWorkers in Physical Occupations Benefit from Back-Relieving HeroWear Apex ExosuitTechnology
2021-06Auto EvolutionHeroWear Apex Exosuit Is the Next Generation of Free-Movement ExoskeletonsAutomotive
2021-05c|netThis $1,200 exosuit can take 50 pounds off your backTechnology
2020-12Vanderbilt University, APLUHeroWear's Back-Assist Exosuit Highlighted in Innovation & Entrepreneurship ShowcaseEducation
2020-10Scripps National TV NetworkStartup looks to help millions of Americans suffering from back painNews
2020-10ZDNet, Interesting Engineering, TechBriefs, TNN, etc.Multiple [coverage of Lamers 2020 Nature publication]Engineering
2020-04Digital TrendsAffordable exosuits are here, but they don’t look (or work) how you’d expectTechnology
2020-04HumanTechQ & A with Exoskeleton Expert Karl ZelikTechnology
2020-04c|netReady for liftoff: HeroWear's Apex exoskeleton gives you invisible strengthTechnology
2020-03Exoskeleton ReportHeroWear Reveals the Apex Exosuit at WearRAcon 20Technology
2020-03Venture Nashville ConnectionsLee Company among 7 strategics codeveloping technologies with innovatorsBusiness
2020-03Venture Nashville ConnectionsWearables: Mark Harris-led HeroWear raising Seed, maps Series A roundBusiness
2020-03Wall St. JournalWearable Devices Take Ergonomics to a New High-Tech PlaceNews
2020-01ForbesIndustrial Exoskeletons Unlikely To Weaken Workers, Says Vanderbilt University ExpertNews
2020-01Wall St. JournalWork Clothes, Reimagined for an Age of Wearable TechNews