Articles About HeroWear

We’re honored to have the following outlets share our story and our mission to help prevent chronic back pain.

2021-11-10Humotech / Exoskeleton ReportNot Safe for Work: Reducing Pain and Injury With Exoskeletons
2021-11-09Nashville PostLifting weight: New technology from Vanderbilt professor helps shipping and logistics workers
2021-10-26SAIFLearning Launch: How exosuits can help reduce back strains and sprains
2021-10-25International Manufacturing Technology ShowThe Exoskeletons Are Coming: Part II
2021-09-16WorldHealth.netWearable Exosuit for Decreased Physical Fatigue and Pain
2021-08-27Nashville Business Journal40 Under 40: Karl Zelik
2021-08-05Robotics Business ReviewWorkers in Physical Occupations Benefit from Back-Relieving HeroWear Apex Exosuit
2021-06-27Auto EvolutionHeroWear Apex Exosuit Is the Next Generation of Free-Movement Exoskeletons
2021-05-10c|netThis $1,200 exosuit can take 50 pounds off your back
2020-12-08Vanderbilt University, APLUHeroWear's Back-Assist Exosuit Highlighted in Innovation & Entrepreneurship Showcase
2020-10-27Scripps National TV NetworkStartup looks to help millions of Americans suffering from back pain
2020-10ZDNet, Interesting Engineering, TechBriefs, TNN, etc.Multiple [coverage of Lamers 2020 Nature publication]
2020-04-09Digital TrendsAffordable exosuits are here, but they don’t look (or work) how you’d expect
2020-04-06HumanTechQ & A with Exoskeleton Expert Karl Zelik
2020-04-01c|netReady for liftoff: HeroWear's Apex exoskeleton gives you invisible strength
2020-03-31Exoskeleton ReportHeroWear Reveals the Apex Exosuit at WearRAcon 20
2020-03-11Venture Nashville ConnectionsLee Company among 7 strategics codeveloping technologies with innovators
2020-03-05Venture Nashville ConnectionsWearables: Mark Harris-led HeroWear raising Seed, maps Series A round
2020-03-04Wall St. JournalWearable Devices Take Ergonomics to a New High-Tech Place
2020-01-16ForbesIndustrial Exoskeletons Unlikely To Weaken Workers, Says Vanderbilt University Expert
2020-01-02Wall St. JournalWork Clothes, Reimagined for an Age of Wearable Tech


Articles By HeroWear

Our biomechanical and ergonomic experts share valuable insights in these articles about the problems we’re trying to solve.

2021-10-22Food LogisticsWorkforce Wearables Require Comfort and Mobility
2021-10-15Construction Business OwnerThe Rising Interest of Exosuits
2021-08-18ParcelLogistics Workers + Constant Bending = a Recipe for Injuries
2021-07-29Industrial Safety and Hygiene News / Food LogisticsHere’s Why Constant Bending can be Troublesome for Logistics Workers
2021-06-29Building ExcellenceEight Factors to Consider When Selecting an Exosuit for Your Workers
2021-05-11ForConstructionProsHeavy Lifting Isn't the Only Reason Behind Construction's Expensive Back Pain Problem
2021-02-08EHS TodayA Weighty Proposition: Exoskeletons in the Workplace
2021-02-05ForConstructionProsExoskeletons Move From Science Fiction to Reality to Aid Worker Safety
2020-11-04ParcelExosuits Can Help Shipping Logistics Keep Up In the Age of Online Shopping
2020-10-09DC VelocityThe Rise of Exoskeletons in Logistics
2020-04-03Risk & InsuranceExoskeletons and Workers’ Comp: How the Insurance Industry Can Lead the Way
2020-03-23Exoskeleton ReportUshering in a New Era of Exoskeletons Designed for Women
2019-04The Conversation, Huffington Post,,, etc. (picked up >30 media outlets)It’s 2019 – where’s my supersuit?
2017-08USA Today, CNN, Smithsonian, Men's Health, US News, WebMD, Futurity, Now This News, Daily Mail, etc.Multiple [this was original wave of press on "smart underwear"]


Articles On Exo Technology

Back pain is an extremely important problem, so we’re sharing these neutral articles about exo technology and related issues.

2021-11-03Clemson NewsExoskeletons could soon make ‘the future of work’ healthier and safer for manual laborers
2021-10-25International Manufacturing Technology ShowThe Exoskeletons Are Coming: Part I
2021-09-29Stanford NewsStanford exoskeleton research demonstrates the importance of training
2021-09-09MAINGAPLa empresa MAVIVA colabora con CTAG en el testeo de exoesqueletos
2021-08-18New York TimesIs an Exoskeleton Suit in Your Future?
2021-05-17Wall St. JournalAmazon Makes Push to Reduce Worker Injuries
2020-03-11Supply Chain DigestGrowing Array of Wearable Devices be Applied with Distribution Center Workers: From Sensors to Brain Wave Trackers to Exoskeletons
2019-08-16Scientific AmericanAn Innovative Robotic Exosuit Boosts both Walking and Running
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