Exosuit Solutions

HeroWear Apex 2 exosuits not only lead the industry in comfort and usability, they are also some of the most cost-effective to implement. Our pricing is positioned to ensure positive ROI for your teams. Most customers see a pay-back period of less than a year!

Our teams have helped countless companies – from global Fortune 50 manufacturing companies, to large global logistics firms, down to 5-person retail shops – integrate exosuits into their work. Our teams are standing by to help your company join the exosuit revolution.

Customized options are available at any scale. Talk to our experts to see what options are right for your team.

Not a corporate customer?

Research Institutions

Special hardware package and pricing to support academic institutions and labs.

  • One of each sized component to allow fitting of any single user
  • Hard-sided storage case
  • Virtual support and training
  • Access to HeroWear co-founders for Q&A and additional research documentation and insights.

Home Users

Individual suits, pre-sized to a single user.

  • Custom fit: One set of each of the Apex 2’s sized components.
  • One size of band in all three strengths.
  • Access to HeroWear’s online training resources.
  • Access to HeroWear email support.