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Don’t accept back injuries as the cost of doing business.

How It Works

Put simply, the Apex 2 works like an extra set of back muscles.

Elastic bands stretch as your muscles extend during movements, then recoil as your muscles contract, returning energy and assisting with every bending motion. The bands comfortably move with the user and reduce forces on the spinal muscles and discs each time the wearer bends forward or squats down – all with no motors or batteries.



The Apex 2 reduces muscle fatigue and strain by 40% and takes off 100 lbs of back strain with every lift. It’s engineered with abrasion-resistant fabrics, engineering-grade polymers, and aircraft-grade aluminum, so the suit will hold up to the most rigorous environments.


The Apex 2 improves on the already best-in-class modular design of the Apex 1 to comfortably fit an even broader range of people. And the new design dramatically decreases heat retention — making it better suited for all-day use in a wider range of applications.

Ease of Use

The Apex 2’s slim and flexible design moves with a user’s body naturally – giving you the freedom to maneuver through a wide range of tasks and even in tight spaces. Along with an on/off switch that gives you assistance only when you need it, the Apex 2 is practical for fast-paced work in many industries.

How Does the Apex Provide a Return on Investment?

  • Reduces risk of injuries: Musculoskeletal disorders lead to high medical costs and impact quality of life for the worker
  • Reduces absenteeism: Keeps hard-working men and women ready to work and supporting their families
  • Reduces fatigue: Fresher and happier workers means better productivity
  • Improves culture: Retaining workers and reducing turnover

Is the Apex 2 Worth the Investment?

The costs of back injuries, worker fatigue, and employee turnover add up. Use our ROI Calculator to estimate your return on investment using the Apex 2.

The HeroWear Difference

Getting Started

HeroWear offers flexible options such as on-site training and full Field Studies. Our experts have been through many implementations, in facilities ranging from one of the largest manufacturing facilities in the world to neighborhood shops. We know the key steps to successful adoption, and we know how to gather and package data to ensure you make it beyond the pilot phase.

Dive into the Data

Our company was born out of the engineering labs at Vanderbilt University and the Apex system has been tested for years in the field. The Apex system is also one of the most validated exosuits on the market. Peer-reviewed publications from neutral third parties have repeatedly confirmed assistance, comfort, and acceptance. Learn more about the data behind the suit.


Interested in exo-as-a-service? The Apex 2 is available at a low cost per user in bulk kits, but we know enterprise operations often prefer a lease or as-a-service model. We’re happy to now offer exo-as-a-service for select companies, so reach out if you’re interested in learning more about this exclusive service.

“When I went home, I was like ‘I haven’t felt that good in a long time’.”

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