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Why Wait Until After an Injury to Address Back Strain?

The Apex 2 reduces the risk of back pain before it starts

The life of an active worker is a back injury waiting to happen – with frequent lifting, bending, and reaching to keep up with fast-paced demands. No matter what safety reminders are in place, workers’ back muscles are working overtime and increase the risk of over-exertion back injuries.

The Apex 2 elastic back-assist exosuit helps active workers reduce that risk by comfortably assisting them during strain-inducing tasks. The sleek, lightweight design has practical wearability in mind – providing that much-needed assistance without sacrificing range of motion or comfort, with a fit that is customizable to any body type.

The Apex 2 creates a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce by sending them home with more energy and less pain, while helping reduce the risk of back injuries.

Take the Next Step

Adopting the Apex 2 helps your team reduce risk of a back injury for $1,299 per suit. Our experts are here to help you take the next step in fitting a stronger, safer team.

Pillars of Effective Exosuits


The Apex 2 improves on the already best-in-class modular design of the Apex 1 to comfortably fit an even broader range of people. And the new design dramatically decreases heat retention — making it better suited for all-day use in a wider range of applications.


The Apex 2 reduces muscle fatigue and strain by 40% and takes off 100 lbs of back strain with every lift. It’s engineered with abrasion-resistant fabrics, engineering-grade polymers, and aircraft-grade aluminum, so the suit will hold up to the most rigorous environments.

Ease of Use

The Apex 2’s slim and flexible design moves with a user’s body naturally – giving you the freedom to maneuver through a wide range of tasks and even in tight spaces. Along with an on/off switch that gives you assistance only when you need it, the Apex 2 is practical for fast-paced work in many industries.

By the Numbers

Back pain costs American businesses $100 billion per year in direct and indirect costs.

Americans lose 264,000,000 workdays per year because of back pain.

The Apex 2 can take over 100 lbs of strain off the back on every lift. That adds up.

The lightweight Apex 2 weighs less than 3 lbs, which is about the same as an empty backpack.

Apex 2 Users Have Spoken

“When working bent over my back doesn’t get as tired… At this point, the suit [has] become part of my work.”
– Nationwide grower/nursery employee

“[The Apex 2] didn’t hinder the movements at all, I could still do everything I needed to do; boxes that I pick up all the time felt lighter and easier to pick up.”
– Case Picker at a Fortune 500 retailer

“I’m often bent over all day trimming hooves and my back dies, but today I’m wearing my HeroWear and I feel awesome!”
– Goat Farmer

“I’m really excited about [the Apex 2] man, honestly. I feel like this is gonna save me. Cause I’ve had nothing but back problems…but I think this might be able to save me.”
– Case Picker at a Fortune 500 retailer

Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes does the Apex 2 come in?

The Apex 2 has a modular design, enabling an unprecedented range of sizes – with over 50 fit combinations.

How complicated is the Apex 2 to put on and take off?

It’s quite simple, actually. You can leisurely put it on in 30 seconds and take it off in 10 seconds.

Can you turn the Apex 2 off?

There’s a proprietary on/off clutch that lets you quickly turn assistance on or off at the push of the button – giving you assistance when you need it and getting out of your way when you don’t.

How do you know that the Apex 2 is effective?
The Apex 2 is backed by peer-reviewed science, and developed through rigorous testing both in the lab and in the field. It quantitatively reduces back strain, fatigue, and risk of injury from bending and lifting.
What was considered when designing the Apex 2?

Human-focused design factors, including high-tech, breathable fabric, and padding and slip-resistant features in the right places to comfortably conforms to wearers’ bodies. An exosuit that continually gets in the way isn’t practical for active workers. Ease-of-fit is a major benefit for scalable adoption of the Apex 2.

Does this give workers superhuman strength?

Beware of grandiose statements about exosuits, such as claiming they will turn your workers into human forklifts. In reality, the workers are still lifting, bending, and reaching, but the Apex 2 helps assist active workers to help reduce the risk of fatigue-related back injuries.

What’s the difference between an exosuit and exoskeleton?

Exosuits are “soft-shell” exoskeletons. So all exosuits are exoskeletons, but not all exoskeletons are exosuits.

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While the Apex 2 is extremely easy to use, introducing a new tool like an exosuit takes thoughtful change management. Our teams have helped countless companies from global Fortune 50 manufacturing companies to individuals integrating exosuits into their work. From fitting to training to evaluation and monitoring, our teams are standing by to support you on your exosuit journey.