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Apex 2 Exosuit


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The Apex 2 is a lightweight back-assist exosuit that combines the power of science with a focus on comfort, resulting in unparalleled protection and wearability. The suit’s assistance reduces muscle fatigue by up 40% and muscle strain by up to 40%, giving hard-working men and women more energy on the job, lower risk of injury, and a better quality of life away from work.

The Apex 2 provides much-needed physical assistance while allowing people the freedom of movement to work and move the way they want. Here’s how our science-backed components make the Apex 2 the best exosuit on the market.

Apex 2 Shoulder Straps

Designed for all-day comfort, the modular Shoulder Straps now come in 6 strap sizes for a fit customized to the user. The revised S-shaped strap and contoured edges on the Apex 2 result in more comfort through the range of motion.

Apex 2 Bands

The elastic Bands are the powerhouse of the Apex 2: they basically work like an extra set of back muscles. They provide the assistance needed, while still allowing for full freedom of movement – all without batteries. They come in 6 different lengths to provide the best fit for users of any size and 3 strengths to adjust the assistance for any task.

Apex 2 Thigh Sleeves

The Thigh Sleeves provide a comfortable anchor point for the Bands. The Thigh Sleeves are secured with a buckle on the Apex 2, which makes them simple and easy to use. You can also easily loosen them when you want to cool down and tighten them when you are ready to work.

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