Launch into the blog where leading experts share insights on exoskeleton science, tech, and industry adoption.

Envision a world where people use exosuits and other assistive technology to make their jobs safer and more productive. Where workers can provide for their families and have strength for life at home. Exosphere is ready to share that world, because that vision is now becoming a reality across industries worldwide.

At HeroWear, we’re scientists and industry professionals. And we’ve built the Exosphere to share facts—and dismiss myths—around technology that’s ready to impact worker strength, ergonomics, health, and safety. That’s what matters for working men and women. So that’s what matters to us.

We’ll set the standard upfront. When you read the Exosphere, you can expect:

Rigorous Science … Without the Attitude

We believe in rigorously testing, retesting, evaluating, and continuously improving our technology and expanding capabilities to realize Exos For All. This tech is born from years of R&D at a leading research institution. And we’re committed to staying on the leading edge of science and technology.

Exosphere articles are backed by rigorous science. You can trust them. But we also want to share our knowledge in a relatable way, because the impact of our science is outside the lab, where you live and work.

Exciting Technology Informed by Workers

We spend enormous amounts of time observing, interacting with, listening to, and learning from real workers. These everyday heroes are our teachers and guides for how we can leverage science and technology to help make physically demanding jobs safer and smarter. Which means the viewpoint here in the Exosphere always starts with the worker.

But let’s be real: The technology is exciting, and so are the results. Because we go deep. We test every facet of our exoskeletons and exosuits. (Even the stuff you haven’t even thought of yet.) Wonder if you can skateboard in your exo?! Yeah. We found out.

Dynamic Applications Ready for the Workplace

Exoskeleton adoption is currently at different stages of development for different industries, so the Exosphere keeps you up to date on emerging technologies for various business sectors. Here, you have quick access to the research, can see its application in different workplaces, and then make informed decisions for you and your business.

Questions are endless as you consider exoskeleton adoption. How do unisex exoskeletons fit women? How could an exoskeleton reduce risk of injury for my workers? Are exosuit claims backed by peer-reviewed science? Exosphere gives you candid answers.

The Exosphere is a soft launch into an incredible place—the expanding universe of exo technology. This is where we work and where we live. Where each blog post brings decades of experience as ergonomists, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and dreamers directly to you. Where the weight is over for working men and women.

We’re so excited that you’re here.