How to take off the Apex 2 clutch and put it back on

To remove the clutch from the straps

1. Remove the clutch by pressing the button found on the inside center of the back panel, then twist the clutch to the unlock position.

2. remove the cable from the hook-and-loop fastener.

3. unclip the switch from the switch loop on the shoulder strap.

To attach the clutch to the straps

1. For the best fit, match the clutch length with the corresponding shoulder straps.  A ‘long’ clutch length is indicated by a yellow dot on the back of the clutch.  The corresponding shoulder straps for ‘long’ clutches will have a matching yellow dot on the outside of the back panel.

2. Take the clutch, with the logo facing your palm and screws facing the holes on the back panel of the shoulder straps, and insert the four screws on the clutch in their respective round slots on the back panel, with the cable pointing towards the left shoulder strap

3. Shift the clutch to the locked position until you hear a ‘click’. Then secure the cable in the hook and loop fastener, and clip the switch to the bottom switch loop on the left side of the shoulder strap.

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