2) Advanced Training

Helpful training material and tips for getting the most out of your Apex exosuit.

Thigh Sleeve Naming Change (2021)

The sizing terminology used for our Thigh Sleeves changed in mid-2021. Our online sizing calculator and other reference tools nowRead MoreChanges,Extra Large,fitting,Large,Medium,Naming,Nomenclature,sizing,Small,Tags,Thigh Sleeves,XL

How do you remove and reattach the Switch?

How to take off the Apex Switch and put it back on (including how to reassemble if it falls apart)Read Moreassemble,assembly,build,documentation,guide,maintenance,put together,switch,training,video

How do you take apart the Apex?

How to disassemble the Apex for cleaning, fitting adjustments, and maintenance. On occasion, you may need to completely disassemble theRead Moreadjustments,assemble,documentation,fitting,training,video

How do you inspect the Apex?

How to check the Apex for safety and proper function Visually inspect your Apex exosuits daily. Be on the lookoutRead Morecare,maintenance,manual,training,video