Putting on the Apex 2 is simple and can take as little as 30 seconds

1. Put on the Apex 2 exosuit like a backpack beginning with the shoulder straps.

2. Connect the chest strap by hooking the end of the chest strap into the loop on the left shoulder strap most closely aligned with the location of the chest strap connection on the right shoulder strap.

3. Tighten the shoulder straps by pulling down and back on the webbing for each strap.  Then tighten the chest strap so that it fits snug but comfortably.

4. To put on each thigh sleeve, note which thigh sleeve is for your left leg and which is for your right (they are labeled) and place the correct thigh sleeve on the corresponding leg.  The side of the thigh sleeve with rubberized texture and printing on it should face your leg.  Reach between your legs and wrap the thigh sleeve around the front of your thigh about 5 inches (12 cm) below the groin.  Next, fasten the buckle so that the buckle is on the outermost part of your leg. (usually, this is along the outside seam of your pants)

5. Adjust tightness until the thigh sleeve fits snugly on the thigh so that it will not slide or twist.  You may find it easier to unfasten the buckle to adjust tightness and then reconnect the buckle.

6. Check to ensure the bands in the back are aligned with the middle of each buttock and adjust if necessary.

           7.  Ensure that the anchor on the thigh sleeve is aligned approximately with the outside seam of your pants. Then hook the loose end of the thigh sleeve anchor over your belt and tighten until there is no slack.

8. Repeat for both legs. Fold all loose webbing on the shoulder straps, thigh sleeves, and thigh sleeve anchors and secure them in their webbing keepers

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