Basic use of the Apex 2 including how to engage and disengage support on demand.

The Apex 2 is intended to be used by adults for work performed in industrial environments. The Apex 2 is designed to support and assist the lower back and hips to reduce strain, fatigue, and risk for injury while performing bending, stooping, leaning, reaching, squatting, and lifting tasks.

Please note, that the Apex 2 is not intended to increase performance or to allow users to lift objects that are heavier than they would normally lift.

If the Apex 2 is put on and adjusted properly, the only thing you need to know to use it is how to operate the switch to engage and disengage the system.

  • Engage the suit by pressing down on the yellow shelf of the switch towards the floor until it clicks into the ON (engaged) position
  •             When assistance is not needed, stand upright, then pinch the yellow sides of the switch until the level of the switch slides up into the OFF (disengaged) position
  • A good test is to do 10 squats or bends with the suit turned on and then repeat the 10 squats or bends with the switch disengaged 
  • Engage suit when bending, squatting, stooping, reaching, leaning, or lifting assistance
  • Disengage suit when walking long distances, climbing stairs/ladders, sitting down, or operating equipment 
  • Practice turning the switch on and off in combination with movements you typically do at work
  • It is something new, so little practice with it is useful before using it in the workplace

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