California Proposition 65 Warning

Materials Related to Prop 65 Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for Loctite Threadlocker, which is used internally on the Apex clutch. Little to no contact risk for users. Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for FlexFoam-iT material used internally on the Apex Shoulder Straps. Minimal contact risk for users.

How do you remove and reattach the Switch?

How to take off the Apex Switch and put it back on (including how to reassemble if it falls apart) It might be necessary to remove the Switch to wash the Shoulder Straps, or to install different size Shoulder Straps in the Apex. Remember to disengage the Apex before attempting to remove the Switch. EngageRead More

How to take apart the Apex?

How to disassemble the Apex for cleaning, fitting adjustments, and maintenance. On occasion, you may need to completely disassemble the Apex for deep cleaning, maintenance, or to change certain parts. Follow these instructions to do so.   Disconnect the Thigh Sleeves from the Bands. Disconnect the Bands from the Clutch loop. Loosen the Switch’s thumbscrewRead More

Where can I download the Quick Start Guide?

The Quick Start Guide comes with each Apex, but you can grab a digital copy here. The Quick Start Guide may be downloaded here. The full HeroWear Apex exosuit User’s Manual can be found here.

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