6) Risk Reduction and Safety

FAQs about safety considerations and risk reduction when using the Apex exosuit.

Could using the Apex 2 exosuit cause muscles to atrophy?

This is a Myth, Not a Cause for Alarm Currently, there is no scientific evidence that any exosuits have causedRead Moreactivation,atrophy,exosuit,muscle,muscle activation,musculoskeletal loading,myth

California Proposition 65 Warning

Materials Related to Prop 65 Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for Loctite Threadlocker, which is used internally on the Apex clutch.Read Moredocumentation

Where can I download the Apex 2 User’s Manual?

If you are looking for the full HeroWear Apex exosuit User’s Manual please click here. If you are using forRead Moredocumentation,guide,manual,specifications,specs

Can the Apex 2 be used outdoors, including use in the rain?

We’d Love to Take a Look Although the Apex is not intended for outdoor use in the rain, if youRead Moreapproved uses,care,limitations,maintenance,warranty