6) Risk Reduction and Safety

FAQs about safety considerations and risk reduction when using the Apex exosuit.

Tracking Apex Use and History

We recommend that the full history of each Apex exosuit’s wear, use, care, and maintenance should be documented for laterRead Morechart,history,inspection,template,tracker,tracking

California Proposition 65 Warning

Materials Related to Prop 65 Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for Loctite Threadlocker, which is used internally on the Apex clutch.Read Moredocumentation

How do you inspect the Apex?

How to check the Apex for safety and proper function Visually inspect your Apex exosuits daily. Be on the lookoutRead Morecare,maintenance,manual,training,video

Where can I download the Apex User’s Manual?

If you are looking for the full HeroWear Apex exosuit User’s Manual please click here. If you are using forRead Moredocumentation,guide,manual,specifications,specs

Where can I download the Quick Start Guide?

The Quick Start Guide comes with each Apex, but you can grab a digital copy here. The Quick Start GuideRead Moredocumentation

Will the warranty cover outdoor use, including use in the rain, if the Apex is covered by rain gear?

We’d Love to Take a Look Although the Apex is not intended for outdoor use in the rain, if youRead Moreapproved uses,care,limitations,maintenance,warranty

Would the Apex break down after a while?

Normal Wear and Tear Applies to Exosuits Yes. Like all clothing, tools, and personal protective equipment (PPE), normal wear andRead Morecare,limitations,limits,maintenance,warranty

Would a spill damage the Apex?

Avoid Getting Gasoline, Paint, or Cement on the Exosuit The impacts of gasoline, petroleum products, oil and water paints, andRead Morecare,limitations,maintenance,warranty,water

Does rain damage the Apex over time?

Water Damage Could Accelerate Wear and Tear If the switch and clutch mechanisms of the current version of the ApexRead Morecare,limitations,maintenance,outdoor,warranty,water

Could using the Apex exosuit alter the lifting technique in a way that increases risks?

It May Actually Improve Posture From initial testing, users tend to adopt similar lifting kinematics with or without the exosuit. If anything, the Apex may improve lifting posture because the device provides tactile feedback to the user that helps deter slouching or poor lifting mechanics. We have had several users report this.

Could there be risk in emergency situations?

Full Range of Motion Retained in Exosuit Users retain their full range of motion and agility. They can run, climb, jump, etc., while wearing the Apex. Furthermore, Velcro thigh sleeves and a single buckle at the sternum allow for extremely quick doffing (<10 seconds) in case of emergencies, or when CPR or defibrillation needs to […]

Could exosuit forces on shoulders increase risk of injury to this area of the body?

A Look at the Science The force on the shoulders is: Far below comfort thresholds we have measured in labRead Morecomfort,force,injury,lifting,science,shoulder

Could there be risk due to elastic band snapping and recoiling?

The Bands Are Strong … But Not That Strong Forces in elastic bands are relatively low, and energy stored inRead More

Could there be risk due to the exosuit snagging?

Low-Profile Features in Design We have minimized snag risks in the design of our exosuit by keeping it low-profile andRead Moredesign,low profile,safety,snag,webbing keepers

Could there be added risk from restricted range of motion, which could cause transient high forces?

Soft Textiles and Improved Range of Motion No, we designed our exosuit using soft textiles that do not restrict rangeRead Moreforce,range of motion,restrict,soft textiles,stop

Could exosuit force on the thighs increase risk of injury to this area of the body?

Less Force Applied to Each Leg The force on the thighs is: Far below comfort thresholds we have measured inRead MoreApex,comfort,force,leg,safety,tissue

Could exosuit force on butt/backside increase risk of injury to this area of the body?

Compare the Force to Sitting in a Chair The forces on the butt/backside are very small relative to the forcesRead Morebackside,butt,chair,exosuit,force,injury,safety

Could using the Apex exosuit cause muscles to atrophy?

This is a Myth, Not a Cause for Alarm Currently, there is no scientific evidence that any exosuits have causedRead Moreactivation,atrophy,exosuit,muscle,muscle activation,musculoskeletal loading,myth