How to take apart the Apex?

How to disassemble the Apex for cleaning, fitting adjustments, and maintenance. On occasion, you may need to completely disassemble theRead Moreadjustments,assemble,documentation,fitting,training,video

How to inspect the Apex?

How to check the Apex for safety and proper function Visually inspect your Apex exosuits daily. Be on the lookoutRead Morecare,maintenance,manual,training,video

How to adjust the Apex?

Adjustment tips to get a comfortable fit and the maximum support from the Apex exosuit Back and Shoulder Straps: BeginRead Moreadjustments,assembly,fit,fitting,sizing,training,video

How do you use the Apex?

Basic use of the Apex including how to engage and disengage support on demand. The Apex is an occupational exoskeletonRead Moreapproved uses,begin,disengage,engage,how-to,starting,training,turn off,turn on,use,video

How do you put on the Apex?

Putting on the Apex is simple and can take as little as 30 seconds Start with the Shoulder Straps. ShoulderRead Moredon,donning,guide,Putting it on,starting,training,video,wearing

How do you assemble the Apex?

Basic assembly of the Apex exosuit is a simple process. Connect the Bands to the Rope Loop at the bottomRead Moreassemble,assembly,begin,build,put together,training,video

How should the Apex be cleaned and stored?

Instructions for Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Storing (including Recommended Cleaning Products) The Apex is designed to be very low maintenance. OutsideRead Morecare,clean,hang,maintenance,ozone,sanitize,sanitizing,storage,training,video,warranty

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