3) Fitting and Comfortable Wear

FAQs about getting the perfect fit for your Apex exosuit.

Thigh Sleeve Naming Change (2021)

The sizing terminology used for our Thigh Sleeves changed in mid-2021. Our online sizing calculator and other reference tools nowRead MoreChanges,Extra Large,fitting,Large,Medium,Naming,Nomenclature,sizing,Small,Tags,Thigh Sleeves,XL

Apex Sizing Calculator

Click the link below to get fit for your custom, comfortable Apex exosuit. Apex Sizing Calculator

Can the Apex cause potential problems with skin when used for a few hours?

A Proper Fit Doesn’t Shift The Apex has been used for full shifts by workers without resulting in any knownRead Moreadjustment,fit,process,shift

Could there be risk from chaffing due to poor fit?

A Custom Fit Has Comfort Benefits Chaffing can occur with poor-fitting exosuits, just like it can with poor fitting clothing.Read Morebenefit,comfort,exosuit,fit,modular,sizes

Does the Apex affect your mobility when you do movements other than heavy lifting?

Allows Full Range of Motion In disengaged mode, the Apex does not restrict mobility; in engaged mode, the Apex willRead Morefreedom of movement,limitations,positions

Does the Apex cause extra perspiration when it’s worn in the heat?

Designed for Comfort and Airflow We have designed the Apex to allow as much comfort and airflow as possible aroundRead Moredesign,heat,sweat

Is the fabric breathable?

A Lightweight and Breathable Exosuit We have worked on the design with professionals who have decades of experience in designingRead Moredesign,heat,sweat

How long does it take to fit the Apex? And to put it on and take it off?

Size It In Minutes and Wear It In Seconds Initial sizing and assembly of the Apex takes 5 to 10 minutes. After assembly, initial user adjustment takes a few minutes. Once users have adjusted the device for themselves, and have practiced putting it on and taking it off a few times, it takes about 20 […]