5) Performance and Design

FAQs about the Apex exosuit’s development, design, and performance credentials.

How is the Apex better than a back brace?

What is the difference between the back-assist Apex exosuit and a traditional back brace? The best way to explain thisRead Moreback belt,back brace,backbelt,design

How long is the warranty and what does it cover?

HeroWear offers a 1-year warranty on the entire Apex suit. HeroWear warrants this product to be free from defects inRead Morecare,limitations,limits,maintenance,warranty

How long does the Apex last?

Factors for the Lifespan of the Exosuit The Apex’s lifespan depends on many factors including but not limited to theRead Morecare,limitations,limits,maintenance,warranty

Would the Apex break down after a while?

Normal Wear and Tear Applies to Exosuits Yes. Like all clothing, tools, and personal protective equipment (PPE), normal wear andRead Morecare,limitations,limits,maintenance,warranty

Would a spill damage the Apex?

Avoid Getting Gasoline, Paint, or Cement on the Exosuit The impacts of gasoline, petroleum products, oil and water paints, andRead Morecare,limitations,maintenance,warranty,water

Does rain damage the Apex over time?

Water Damage Could Accelerate Wear and Tear If the switch and clutch mechanisms of the current version of the ApexRead Morecare,limitations,maintenance,outdoor,warranty,water

Do you have a suit to support your back when working in an office, sitting in front of a computer?

Not yet! We recommend a chair that provides better support. No, we do not make an exosuit for office orRead Moredesign

How much productivity do you gain with the Apex exosuit?

Designed to Reduce Worker Strain and Fatigue The Apex is not intended for increasing productivity demands on workers. Increasing productivityRead Moredesign

How much fatigue and risk of injury does the Apex reduce? Do you have data/metrics to measure those?

Reduced Strain, Fatigue, and Injury Risk In both laboratory and field testing, the Apex exosuit significantly reduced low back strainRead Moredesign

How long have you been testing the Apex and in which conditions? Which industries?

Apex Testing and Industry Applications The Apex has been researched and developed over multiple years at a leading academic researchRead Moredesign

How many years of R&D went into the Apex?

Apex Exosuit Research and Development Four years of research and development (R&D) at Vanderbilt University.