4) Work Conditions and Use

FAQs about proper work conditions and uses for the Apex exosuit.

Tracking Apex Use and History

We recommend that the full history of each Apex exosuit’s wear, use, care, and maintenance should be documented for laterRead Morechart,history,inspection,template,tracker,tracking

How is the Apex better than a back brace?

What is the difference between the back-assist Apex exosuit and a traditional back brace? The best way to explain thisRead Moreback belt,back brace,backbelt,design

How do you use the Apex?

Basic use of the Apex including how to engage and disengage support on demand. The Apex is an occupational exoskeletonRead Moreapproved uses,begin,disengage,engage,how-to,starting,training,turn off,turn on,use,video

Can you wear the Apex while doing tasks shoulder height and above your head?

Designed to Assist the Back Yes, there is no problem with wearing the Apex while doing work above shoulder level.Read Moreback,back-assist,design,exosuit,performance,positions,range of motion,shoulder,work

Can you wear the Apex every day?

An Exosuit Designed for Everyday Use Yes, the Apex can be worn and used every day.approved uses,care,limitations

Can you wear the Apex in the rain or wet conditions?

Not Recommended for Use in Wet Conditions Wearing the Apex in the rain, or other wet conditions, is not recommended.Read Moreapproved uses,warranty,water

Does the Apex assist when lifting heavy objects?

Workers Lift the Same Loads with Less Risk of Injury The Apex exosuit can definitely assist with lifting. There isRead Moreapproved uses,lifting,limits,strength

Can you crouch and bend your knees when using the Apex?

Experience Freedom of Movement Yes, workers can crouch, squat, and bend the knees completely when using the Apex. It canRead Morefreedom of movement,limitations,positions

Can a tool belt be worn with the Apex?

Under the Apex and Away from the Bands The Apex can be used with some tool belts. Tool belts withRead Moreaccessories,approved uses,compatibility,tools

Can the Apex be used for water blasting or pressure washing?

Make Sure You Stay Dry The Apex will help to support and assist the back and hips with the bendingRead Moreapproved uses,water

Is the Apex designed for outdoor work like landscaping, digging, and raking?

Suited for Outdoors Environments When Dry The Apex was designed for work performed by adults in indoor industrial environments  andRead Moreapproved uses,digging,landscaping,outdoor

Will the Apex help when building a deck?

Assistance for Construction, Staining, and Painting The Apex will help to support and assist the back and hips with theRead Moreapproved uses,construction